Blocktivity 1.0
Creation of website
November 2017
Add charts
Addition of the two pie charts comparing market cap and activity
March 2018
Add blockchains
Reach a minimum of 30 blockchains
January 2019
Blocktivity 2.0
Creation of the new version from scratch, including new backend and frontend.
March 2020
Adding features
Add selectable column in table and selectable blockchain in the piecharts. Add column Blocktime and Protocol.
Mai 2020
New pages
Add new pages: "Newbie", "Roadmap", "About"
June 2021
"Add My chain" automatic process
The process to add a chain to Blocktivity is now fully automatic.
January 2022
Blocktivity Pearls
New tool allowing you to discover undervalued projects, you will be able to vote for the ones you find are the for you and share them with the community
Blocktivity Newcomers
New tool allowing you to be notified when a new blockchain is listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko
Add top ranked blockchains
New dynamic for the biggest blockchains (ranked by marketcap), we will not wait for them to provide us an API to add them on Blocktivity, we will reach out and work with the communities
Blocktivity Dapps
Whole new section of Blocktivity displaying activity of the major chains Dapps.