What drives us ?

Blocktivity aim to provide the maximum raw data possible from a wide variety of blockchains. By providing this object data and tools to analyse and compare it, we hope to provide a way for investors to better understand the projects available in the space.

We will work toward providing at least the 100 biggest blockchains by market cap and every other blockchain that desire to be listed.

Blocktivity doesn't run a node for every blockchain it list. It would be a gargantuan task.
We work with each community and usually one of their block explorer to get the data we need.
We understand that the block explorer could manipulate the data they feed to us but we have solid reasons to think they wouldn't do such a thing. Blocktivity check regularly the information on other block explorers to verify everything look right. Also, we think the risk to damage the reputation of a blockchain/community is too big.

Lots of cools new features are coming. If you want to know what has been done and what is coming, the roadmap is frequently updated.

You can contact the team on Telegram: @DestBest_BTSFCX or @EstefanTT. We will quickly get back to you.

Blocktivity Team