Welcome to Blocktivity Pearls.

This group is meant for investors to find easily hidden pearls in the crypto space. We define a pearl as a blockchain project with a market cap between 1 M$ and 15M$, a good team and a solid project.

Where these projects come from and how the votes are casted ?

Blocktivity doesn't decide which project is listed nor the votes it displays. The blockchains are added and voted by the members of our community (you) in the Telegram group . It is a community effort, we share our best investments and the rest of the community display its endorsement by voting them.

How do I add my pearl(s) and/or how do I vote ?

Simply by joining the Telegram group . You'll find two permanent buttons in the chat that will guide you to add a blockchain or open a private chat for you to cast your vote in the comfort of anonymity.