Add My Chain

This process should take you about 2 minutes to complete once you have the API ready.

  • Regarding the API, you need to provide us with your chain's activity data (Transactions and/or Operations) in a standardized format, have a look
  • We also ask for a small donation (min 0.009 ฿) to support the maintenance and growth of Blocktivity's website (free for the top 100 chains by market cap).
  • Once the process is complete, your blockchain will be added within 72 hours.
  • Any question you may have should be thoroughly answered in each field's icon.

Token Name
Token symbol
Protocol Name
Protocol Acronym
Block Interval (in seconds)
API link
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If you are stuck in one of these steps and the explanation doesn't help,
you can pass by the main Telegram group and someone will help you out.